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Interviews conducted over chat have so many advantages over a phone screen you'll never look back.  Sign up now for risk free trial.

Screen More

Next Level Interviewing

Screen more candidates in less time by chat interviewing multiple candidates simultaneously. Invite hundreds of candidates to interview in seconds. Easily weed out candidates using score-able predetermined interview questions.

Continuous Improvement

Streamline The Hiring Process.

Hiring managers and recruiters work together to tune the interview questions. Create, edit, and reuse questions across requisitions to continually improve interview process. Chattervue makes it easy to streamline the process.

How we can help

Chattervue Innovations & Features


Interview Over Chat

Screen more candidates in less time and retain a full transcript of the interview.


Track candidate progress and interview pipeline with swimlanes.

Standardized Questions

Collaborate with hiring manager to create standardized questions for candidates.


Graphically view the health of your candidate pipelines.  Export your data to analyze yourself.

Interview History

Know when inviting a candidate to interview if there's any previous interview history.

Continuous Improvement

Easily incorporate feedback from team to improve accuracy of interview screening.

Hiring done right...the first time.

Easily standardize and continuously improve your hiring process.  Allow Chattervue to keep track of the scoring and know which candidates are best.

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