What makes recruiters greenlight a candidate?

Recruiters interact with hundreds, or even thousands, of candidates in the course of filling a position.  Yet, at the end of the funnel, typically one offer is made per opening.  A simple question to ask would be: “Why does that one candidate get the offer?”

Except this is not a simple question.  Factors such as experience, compensation, and company and cultural fit, among countless others often determine the best candidate from the talent pool.  In fact, recruiters and hiring managers spend hours trying to get a read on those factors in order to build confidence in a final candidate.  

But if we fast forward to several months or even years after a hire, we often lose sight of why or how a candidate was invited to join an organization.  Those countless hours spent evaluating candidates are basically lost into the ether, since most organizations do not capture the data associated with their candidate evaluations.  In other words, we ask candidates a ton of questions, jot down some notes, develop opinions, and then make offers, but we hardly ever go back later to figure out if our questions, notes, and opinions turned out to be the right ones.

At Chattervue, we are hoping to make a dent in this problem by capturing candidate evaluation data through chat.  A recruiter can set up structured questions ahead of an interview and score a candidate’s responses to those questions, which are stored in chat logs to be learned from going forward.  This should be a game changer in the world of HR Analytics, as the data now exists to connect future employee performance all the way back to topics discussed during a pre-hire interview.  Not only can organizations learn what is best to discuss with prospective employees during an interview, but also which interviewers from your organization are the best at making predictive evaluations of applicants.

With Chattervue, gone are the days where the answer to “why did we hire this person” fades from a hiring team’s memory over time.

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