About Us

About Us

Chattervue is a user friendly web application deigned to change the way you interview. Whether you are a candidate, a recruiter, a small business or in HR, Chattervue offers the tools you need to: conduct text interviews, track jobs and job seekers, rate-able performance questions/answers of both employers and candidates, and to provide an easier way for candidates and recruiters to match up. Co-Founders Robert; an HR Professional, and Dale; a Software Engineer, set out to improve the technical support solution for the Hiring Industry for both job seekers and employers that we believe revolutionizes the way people hire.

We are dedicated to providing an application that makes interviewing easy, convenient, effective, and repeatable. Through trial and error, identifying hiring pain points, and creating solutions, we are excited to offer this revolutionary alternative to the self-created Excel sheet and Post-It Note methods that many employers and job seekers are forced to use. We are also dedicated to make Chattervue the affordable go to option for interviewing. We are interested in providing real solutions for real people on both sides of the hiring process.

We are pioneers in our field as well as in our work practices. For six years, we have embraced and perfected a Virtual workplace, utilizing technology to cut costs and improve efficiency without compromising creativity or productivity—our current Chattervue Team works from the great states of California, Colorado,Texas and counting. Our business plan not only provides us with the opportunity to provide an outstanding, innovative web application, but it also allows us to offer it at a cost affordable enough to have a real impact on how hiring is done.

Our hope for the future is to continue to provide a revolutionary hiring experience through further innovation and additional features. We welcome your feedback and participation and appreciate all of our members’ support. Special thanks to our incredible team and investors who continue to pour their support and efforts into our vision.

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