Why Chattervue?

Chattervue is a text interview, mobile-friendly web application, specifically designed to make candidate screening and hiring faster and easier. Chattervue provides you with the tools to schedule, prepare and execute interviews faster, track and rate candidates, stay organized, and improve your overall hiring results. Chattervue is perfect for anyone involved in hiring from recruiters to small businesses and big businesses alike.

Why text interviewing?

Break free from the limitations of one-at-a-time interviewing. Easily chat with multiple candidates simultaneously, and enjoy whittling down that long list of candidates in less time! Check out all the benefits of text interviewing by clicking the button below.

How much is Membership?

Membership is easy and affordable. All requisitions are shared among company accounts so Sign Up your whole team to get the most out of Chattervue’s many features and benefits. Review, improve and streamline your interviewing process!

How do I sign-up?

Signing up is easy! Click button below.

How can I sign my entire team up for membership?

We highly recommend taking full advantage of all Chattervue has to offer by signing your whole team up. Once you have created your FIRST COMPANY ACCOUNT, now you can add additional accounts. From the Lefthand Navigation (Desktop) or from the Menu (Mobile), Click on Company Information and then Click on Accounts. Additional company accounts can be added from this tab. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up now!

Can I get a one-on-one demo of Chattervue?

Yes! We offer free one-on-one video call demonstrations that walk you through the feature benefits of Chattervue and how they can be applied specifically to your business. Let us help you realize the impact Chattervue can have on your hiring process. Schedule today!

I’m having trouble accessing my account…what do I do?

Contact our Chattervue Customer Service Wizards for assistance!

How do I get started?

First, you will need to create an account. There are two ways to do that. First, Enjoy the 2021 Promotional Event: a 14 day FREE TRIAL! You will soon see why Chattervue is “Hiring Done Right, the First Time!”

Or secondly, you can sign up for Membership!

Already have an Account? Click on the Get Started Button!

How do I input a new requisition?

First, be sure you are logged in to your account. From the Desktop: In the Lefthand Navigation, Click on the [+] next to Requisitions

From Mobile: Click on the Menu Button found in the upper lefthand corner, then click on the [+] next to Requisitions.

Fill out the Requisition Form by copying and pasting (from Word, etc.) the job description. When the form is completed, click Save.

To add another Requisition, Click on the [+] next to Requisition again.

How do I input questions and answers?

  1. Choose the Requisition you want to add questions to from your Requisition List.
  2. Click on the Question Tab.
  3. Enter a new question or copy a question form a previous requisition.
  4. Answers can be provided where questions are entered.

How Do I Invite Candidates to an Interview?

If you are looking at the requisition, click on the [Invite Candidates] on Interviews tab.


On the Lefthand Navigation (Desktop) or from the Top Left Menu (Mobile), Click on the [+] next to Interviews.

Populate the Invite form with candidate emails, your invite message, times you’re available, and press Send.

From the Desktop, In the Lefthand Navigation, Click on Company Information and then Click on Accounts. Additional company accounts can be added from this tab. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up by clicking below!

Can I use Chattervue even if we aren’t hiring right now?

Yes you can! Use Chattervue to get ahead on future hiring by creating requisitions and interviews in advance! Use Chattervue to begin talking to candidates and building a talent pipeline, so that when hiring starts up again you are ready!

Can I ask technical questions and receive technical answers?

Chattervue has thought of it all! Asking technical questions has never been easier. Chattervue has included “syntax highlighting” to it’s text messaging which allows recruiters to ask programming questions and receive highlighted code in response. Inputting expected answers to technical questions is particularly handy because you can quickly compare answers!

Can I use Chattervue even if my company uses an Applicant Tracking System?

YES! Information such as candidate name, ID, requisition info, candidate scoring (raw, %, and max), and interview questions can be CSV exported into whichever ATS your company uses. Use Chattervue’s text interviewing application, rate-able questions, and talent pipeline to help screen candidates in less time.

How do I export candidate information into an Applicant Tracking System?

First go to your requisition from a desktop computer. In the upper right hand corner, there is an “EXPORT” button that will export all the interviews for that requisition. Take the export and import into your applicant tracking system.


How do I sign up to use Chattervue?

Right now, Chattervue is only being offered to Hiring Professionals so you will have to be invited for an interview to participate. We know many are interested in text interviewing so feel free to recommend or request Chattervue! We plan on offering more to candidates in the near future, so stay tuned! Sign up for Chattervue’s occasional news, updates, tips and articles etc. We have some amazing new candidate features COMING SOON!

I received an email invite for an Interview using Chattervue. What do I do now?

Click on the link within the email to create your free account. Review the interview job description and choose whether you want to interview or not. If you DO NOT want to interview, click DECLINE and you are done. If you DO want to interview click ACCEPT, select an interview time or suggest an interview time, add a note if you like, and press SEND. You will receive an email confirmation of your approved interview day and time. Simply log back into your account before your interview time to begin your interview.

How much does Chattervue charge a candidate?

Chattervue is FREE to all Candidates! FREE FREE FREE!

A Recruiter sent me an invite but I can’t find it.

We are sorry you are experiencing difficulty, please look in your spam folder. The email will be from Chattervue but will include the recruiter’s name.

Please contact Customer Support for additional assistance.

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