Employer Membership Pricing Page


Thank you for your interest in Chattervue! Membership is easy and affordable. Sign yourself up or sign your whole team up to get the most out of Chattervue’s many features.

Membership Includes:

  • Text Interview Interface
  • Re-useable and Rate-able Questions
  • Talent Pipeline
  • Full Interview Transcripts
  • Mobile Friendly Website…and more!
First Company Membership Each Additional Company Account

We strongly encourage signing up your entire hiring team to take advantage of all Chattervue has to offer. When all of your team is using Chattervue, you can…

  • Standarize interview questions
  • Find best practices and implement them across all requisitions
  • Multiply your hiring force…work faster and more effectively!
  • Divide hiring among multiple team members
  • See measurable improvements in candidates and requisitions filled

How do I sign up my Team?

Once you have created your first company account, you can then add additional accounts. From the Lefthand Navigation (Desktop) or from the Menu (Mobile), Click on Company Information and then Click on Accounts. Additional company accounts can be added from this tab. Don’t have an account yet?

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