Get ahead of the game with rate-able questions you can re-use.

Pre-populate your requisitions with interview questions, then rate your candidates’ response. Save expected answers to those questions to make interviewing go faster. Reuse questions to create a personal database of interview questions to be used on future requisitions. 

Standardize Interviews

Chattervue allows you to pre-populate each requisition with interview questions. You can even create a set of “expected answers” that your candidates should give. This is especially useful for hiring personnel that have little knowledge about the technical aspects of the job that they are hiring for.

Leave Nothing Out

Chattervue assures you don’t leave out any important questions. Use and re-use questions as a prompt to discuss specific points within the interview.

Strengthen Your Team

Teams are able to review interview questions to perfect their processes and increase the quality of approved candidates.

Rate Candidates

Rating answers helps strong candidates stand out from the pack, making the decision for who moves forward as easy as a glance!

Pre-scripted Interviews Bring Ease

Being able to prescript interviews makes interviewing easy by allowing you to interview multiple candidates at a time. It’s time to make the most of your time with Chattervue!

Tech-Interview Friendly

Chattervue has included “syntax highlighting” to it’s text messaging which allows recruiters to ask programming questions and receive highlighted code in response. Inputting expected answers to technical questions is particularly handy because you can quickly compare answers!

Chattervue is Hiring Done Right, the First Time.

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