Text interviewing changes everything. Say goodbye to phone screens and hello to text interviewing.

Not only is text interviewing more convenient, efficient and intuitive, but it naturally provides full transcripts, allowing you to fully review any detail of an interview. This fundamental component of Chattervue opens up opportunities for growth and improvement within your team. See why Chattervue is the solution you’ve been seeking!

No more time-consuming phone screens or video interviews!

Break free from the limitations of one-at-a-time interviewing. Easily chat with multiple candidates simultaneously, and enjoy whittling down that long list of candidates in less time! Invite and schedule 100+ candidates at a time through Chattervue’s shared calendar. Multiple interviews can be scheduled at a time, but text interviewing can also be as spontaneous as your schedule allows. Chattervue’s text interviews can also be scripted in advance with your preferred questions and expected answers, bringing a new level of efficiency into your busy life!

Perfect for Technical Interviews!

Chattervue has thought of it all! Asking technical questions has never been easier. Chattervue has included “syntax highlighting” to its text messaging which allows recruiters to ask programming questions and receive highlighted code in response. Inputting expected answers to technical questions is particularly handy because you can quickly compare answers.

History is in the making with automatic transcripts!

How many times have we jotted down notes during an interview, only to be confused later on? Sometimes our notes lack important facts and make less sense when we look back on them, leading to “candidate confusion.” Chattervue solves this confusing conundrum by naturally providing you with a full transcript of every interview! Now you can fully review each interview, pinpointing strengths and areas of weakness, allowing hiring teams to improve their process and hiring strategy.

Interview anytime, anywhere!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to work from anywhere? Chattervue has you covered with it’s mobile-friendly website which allows you to create requisitions, invite candidates, interview candidates and monitor requisitions from the palm of your hand. 

Eliminate biases!

We all try to hold ourselves accountable to moral standards, but eliminating biases is difficult to manage successfully. Unlike phone and video interviews, Chattervue’s text interviews naturally aid in eliminating bias. Fewer identifiers help recruiters focus on skills, talent, intelligence, and compatibility rather than potential biases.

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